Sherlock vs. Dr. Who Party

Divergent Movie Outing

The Hardcover Society went to see Divergent on opening night.

Overall, they liked it even though they cut out the scene where Edward got a knife to the eye.






Sherlock vs. Dr. Who

sherlockSherlock vs. Dr. Whodr. who
Battle of the Fandoms
April 19
5th-12th Grade

Who has the better fans, Sherlock or Dr. Who?

Show off your love of these shows with:

Cosplay-Come dressed as your favorite Sherlock character or Doctor. If you come in costume, you will have a chance to win a book of Sherlock stories from Sir Conan Doyle or a Dr. Who poster

Activity Challenge-This will be a group challenge. Hint**** familiarize yourself with Sherlock’s awesome coat or the dalek.

Game Challenge-This will be a competition between the fandoms. There will be an Operation contest (the board game) and a staring contest.

Crafts-Make your own silhouette or a mini Tardis.sherlock

Defeat the Enemy-Find an destroy Moriarty or the dalek in the trivia scavenger hunt.

Snacks-Eat what the characters eat!

Which fandom with reign supreme?