Divergent Movie Outing

The Hardcover Society went to see Divergent on opening night.

Overall, they liked it even though they cut out the scene where Edward got a knife to the eye.





Top 15 ZB Library Checkouts of 2013

Were you the last one among all your friends to read The Hunger Games books?  Not sure what this Divergent stuff everyone is speaking of?  Well, those books aren’t only on the ZB Library’s list; they are also on several national lists for the top books of the year.  Most of these books have been made into movies or will be made into movies in the near future.

So don’t be the last one to read these books, put them on hold today (b/c they’re all checked out!)


Hot Chocolate Party

Activities Include:

  • Taste testing 4 types of hot cocoa
  • Marshmallow Bar
  • Teens did a guess the candy bar trivia game while they tasted
  • Tangled mug art
  • Hot cocoa lip gloss: petroleum jelly and the cocoa mix
  • M&M Mosaics