Summer Reading Challenge

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June 14-July 26

For ZB Teens entering 5th-12th grade

Beginning June 14th, ZB Teens in middle school (pick up your log at the youth services desk); ZB Teens in high school (pick up your log at the adult services desk) can earn weekly prizes by:

Reading 30 pages or more every week

Weekly prizes will be free food to local restaurants and Harry Potter/Hunger Games themed items.  It will be something different every week!

Week 1: Pick from the Modge Podge Box (Goodie Box)

Week 2: Free ice cream from Culvers

Week 3:  Pick from the Modge Podge Box (Goodie Box)

Week 4:  Free Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Week 5: Hunger Games Charm

Week 6: Deathly Hallows Charm (Harry Potter)

You may pick from the Modge Podge box as an alternative

Modge Podge Box

Modge Podge Box

Modge Podge Box

Modge Podge Box

You can also:

Win Grand Prizes

$25 gift cards to Target, Claire’s, Tinseltown, or $50 gift card to Old Navy

Here’s How to get entries to win a grand prize:

  • 2 Entries-for every time you turn in your 30 pages for a weekly prize

  • 1 Entry – for every program you attend. COGANO; Hardcover Society; Anime Club; Monday Night Contests, SRC Kickoff

  • 5 Entries – every time you review a Best Books 2013 or Win With Reading book on the ZB Teens Goodreads group.

  • 10 Entries- if you color in the cover (you must pick up a log to see what this means). 


August 2


If you read at least 90 pages by July 26th, you can come to the end of the summer pool party at Port Shiloh in Zion.

  • You must confirm your 90 pages by 9pm on July 26th at the library.
  • You must have a permission slip signed.
  • You may not bring friends unless they completed 90 pgs



COGANO is the FREE teen programming during the Summer Reading Challenge. You can participate in the main project, chill out and socialize, or do other activities in the room-Minecraft, play the guitar, try out apps on the iPad, or free art.

COGANO is your time to explore, make friends, and have fun.

Saturdays: 1-3pm              Thursdays: 6:30-8:30pm

  • June 14: Summer Reading Challenge Kick-OFF- food, prizes, books, and games.
  • June 19: Comic Jam-Create your own graphic Novel.
  • June 28: Spray Paint-Bring a plain white t-shirt
  • July 3: Stove Free Baking- Make delicious desserts with out baking
  • July 12: BATTLE ROYALE- Make Marshmallow shooters, catapults, and spitball shooters
  • July 17: MAKERFAIRE-Craft free-for-all. Make Jewelry, crafts for your locker, a much more!


Other Teen Programs

                    – You get to keep the book we discuss, you get free french fries, and free sodas

  • Epic Reads-Discuss books, your fandom, eat free desserts.  For high school students.

                   -June 12 & July 10 at 7:15-8:15pm at Applebee’s in Zion

Monday Night Contests

Every Monday night between June 16 & July 21st at 6-7pm, log on the ZB Teens Facebook Page for a new trivia game or contest.

Prizes include: signed books or other SWAG.







Every week, you can come to COGANO and play Wii games or play the guitar.  We will put out craft supplies for you to do some guerrilla crafting (on the spot crafting)-jewelry making; duct taping; origami, painting, & much more.

You can take, upload, and edit pictures with digital cameras or you can play with games and apps on the iPads (Minecraft; garageband; and more).

You can just hang out, talk with friends, or have snacks.

Or, you can participate in the activity for the day:

Comic Jam-June 19th at 6:30-8:00pm-Create your own comic/graphic novel

Spray Paint-June 28th at 1-3:00pm-Spray paint a t-shirt and other stuff.  Bring your own white t-shirt

Stove Free Baking-July 3rd at 6:30-8:00pm-Do some baking without a stove.

Battle Royale-July 12th at 1-3:00pm-Make a marshmallow gun, catapults, and other battle supplies.

Makerfaire-July 17th at 6:30-8:00pm-We’ll put out a bunch of supplies for you to make stuff. You can do Legos, an art-robot, and more.

 For every COGANO you attend, you will earn 1 entry into the grand prize raffle for the Summer Reading Challenge.


Join us on Goodreads

Best Books logo 2For the Summer Reading Challenge, you can earn 10 points for every Best Books 2013 book or Win With Reading book you read & rate on Goodreads. Your points go towards a grand prize- $25 gift card to Target, Baskin Robbins, Clair’s, or $50 to Old Navy.

Goodreads is a virtual bookshelf. You can keep track of what books you have read and what books you want to read. You can also rate and comment on books and make friends.


To join us on Goodreads, you must

  1. Create an account. You must be 13 or older to create an account or you can ask your parents to create one for you.
  2. Go to and create an account
  3. Click “groups” at the top of the page.
  4. Search ZB Teens in the search bar
  5. Find ZB Teens and ask to join group. It might be a couple of hours before you are accepted.

Once you’ve join us…

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Best Books 2013 list.
  2. Click on the books you have read and on the left side, under to title, click “read.”
  3. To get your 10 points, you have to give the book a starred rating and add at least a one sentence review.

Other Things you Can do on Goodreads…

  1. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, or an eReader; you can download the Goodreads app.
  2. You can see what other members have read and you can comment on their reviews.
  3. You can participate in or begin a discussion
  4. You can invite your friends to join. If you do and they are active for 3 weeks, you can earn 5 more points toward a grand prize.

Sherlock vs. Dr. Who Party

Divergent Movie Outing

The Hardcover Society went to see Divergent on opening night.

Overall, they liked it even though they cut out the scene where Edward got a knife to the eye.